Zigzag Oregon

On Oct. 11, 1845, Joel Palmer crossed the deep ravine of the Zigzag canyon on Mt. Hood. In his journal for that day, he describes his descent, “zigzag for about 100 yards, then turn short round, and go zigzag until you come under the place where you started from, then to the right, and so on until you reach the base”. The town of Zigzag sets very close to the Zigzag River, and from this river the town gets it’s name. In 1907 Ranger Percy Shelley started work on the Zigzag Ranger Station. A two-room cabin was built at a cost of $150.00. It measured 14’x20’. The site was enlarged around 1915. The new buildings consisted of a five-room frame house, a two-room workshop, and a six-stall barn. The ranger station has grown through the years to what it is today. The present office building was built in 1966.

Photo: Steve Kenney, Springdale, Or.

Zigzag River Bridge 1912

Photo: Gary Randall, Brightwood, Or.

Gateway Store Jan. 1950