Rhododendron Oregon

Photo: Gary Randall, Brightwood, Or.

Henry S. Rowe, a Mayor of Portland from 1900 to 1902, had the Rhododendron Inn in built 1905. A Portland Fire Chief that served during Rowe’s administration by the name of Lee Holden did the construction and design. Holden took over the hotel in 1910, and it was this season that the post office was established under the name of Rowe. The name was later changed at the request of the Post Office Department to Rhododendron in 1920. Holden sold the hotel to Emil and Suzette Franzetti, hoteliers from Europe in 1912. The Franzetti’s added a 60’x100’ dance hall, a 50’x100’ concrete swimming pool, tennis and croquet courts, bridle paths and hiking trails. They also added an annex across the road as well as several cottages and tent houses. In 1916 Emil was killed when his car rolled in soft sand near Zigzag Ranger Station. Mrs. Franzetti ran the hotel for seven years after that and finally sold it around 1924 to William Cash and his wife. The annex burned down in 1930 (1932). The hotel was sold in 1948 (?) to Thomas Rex who changed the name to the Rex Inn. During a very cold snap the in caught fire, supposedly from a blowtorch being used to thaw pipes. (1945-1946?)

Photo: Steve Kenney, Springdale, Or.

Loop Inn Campground

Photo: Gary Randall, Brightwood, Or.

TheRhododendron Inn